You asked, IBM Analytic Answers!

Historically, small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) have struggled to access the significant return on investment offered by predictive analytics, simply because they don’t have the capital expenditure, time and skills required to implement the technology.  That is, until now.

You asked for a way to derive predictive insight without the need to acquire statistical expertise and invest capital.  IBM Analytic Answers with predictive analytics offered as a service, hosted via a cloud subscription to provide predictive insight on your data.

In my previous post, “Business Analytics: Design Outcomes, Not Solutions“, I talked about some of the amazing results that had been achieved using predictive analytics.  Payback in 2 months; ROI of 624%; annual net benefits of $3.8 million – these results are spectacular for the big end of town.  Imagine the impact of achieving this level of value to an SMB!

But let’s face it, in today’s financial turmoil it’s getting harder and harder for SMBs to find the level of investment required to compete with the big end of town.  The upfront capital expense, dependence on small IT teams, need for analytical expertise, and time to value are all key challenges that must be overcome to successfully adopt innovative technology.

Which is where IBM Analytic Answers comes in – a portfolio of cloud-hosted solutions, available on a subscription basis, that deliver actionable predictive information direct to the line of business.  This removes the barriers to adoption, with no up-front investment required, minimal IT involvement, no analytical skills required, all leading to a faster time to value.

Most importantly, IBM Analytic Answers is tailored to each and every client’s business needs with models built from your data, coupled with IBM’s deep analytics expertise, supported by scalable, high performing analytical infrastructure.

The big end of town better watch out – now that IBM is backing the little guy too, it’s game on!