There’s plenty of fish in the Sea (of Cognos)

There’s plenty of fish in the Sea…and no, this is not a dating blog!

Quite literally, with the help of IBM Cognos, MG Kailis spend more time fishing for seafood and less time fishing for insight.

MG Kailis Group is a leading Australian marine corporation with interests in seafood, jewellery, and marine services such as boat-lifting and engineering.  (Actually, that does read a little like a dating profile!)

Like many organisations, MG Kailis was struggling with legacy systems that were not integrated with their new ERP and found it difficult to get a complete picture of performance across all of its diverse business groups.

Whilst it’s important to get data integrated at the most fundamental level, such as in core systems and applications, it’s important to remember that most organisations are always in a state of flux with systems coming and going.  This means there is never the holy grail of a “single source of truth” – which is why a single platform for reporting and analytics can be such a powerful step to understanding organisational performance.

This is the exact approach MG Kailis took, turning to IBM Cognos to deliver comprehensive, up-to-date insight into performance of the organisation as a whole, and each of its key divisions.

“For the first time we were really comparing apples with apples, so we were able to get a really accurate idea of operational and financial performance throughout the group.”

With the introduction of a comprehensive reporting platform, business groups were finally given access to the information they need to work more effectively.

“With the new dashboard, we can see where and when the prawns are at their largest and most plentiful, so we can plan our fleet’s fishing trips more effectively and maximise our catch.”

With the help of IBM Cognos, they were also able to deliver near real-time analysis of profit and loss, predictive stock analytics, labour cost management and tracking foreign exchange rates to safeguard profits.

The full case study can be found here.  But just to recap:

There’s plenty of fish in the Sea.  Using analytics, we can find where the best fish are most plentiful to target our search and maximise our catch.  We can get a better understanding of our stock levels and the labour cost involved.

Ok, maybe this was a dating blog after all!