The Evolution of IBM Innovation

At the end of an amazing week in Germany spent welcoming our new Business Analytics Solution Architects to the family, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the rich and successful history of IBMers before them.  So when I found myself sitting in the club lounge at Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight, I opened up the IBM family album and took a trip down memory lane.

The centennial celebration last year produced a wealth of information about the innovations in IBM‘s 100 year history.  But it was the old TV commercials that had me in hysterics – much to the amusement of my fellow loungers.

The following commercials are my favourite – not only a good laugh, but also a great reminder that innovation is an evolution.  These commercials highlight technology that was innovative in its day, and set the wheels in motion for greater research and insight in the decades that followed.


Innovation in energy efficiency that inspired Smarter Planet solutions:


Innovation in RFID tracking that inspired better solutions for product and asset traceability:


Innovation in web technologies that inspired Smarter Retail solutions:


Innovation in hardware performance and processing optimisation that inspired the System z appliance as we know it today:


Innovation in the management and processing of data that set the foundation for the information management portfolio:


What TV commercials can you remember that documented an historical moment in the evolution of innovation?