The Beauty of Data

Every now and then you need to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.  And this blog is no different – a short break from the world of business, this post is about the beauty of data visualisations and how, through imagination and creativity, they can tell a story.

Aaron Koblin and his team have worked on a number of projects that bring out the beauty in data.  Two in particular captured my attention during a recent TED presentation.

The first visualises text messages being sent in Amsterdam in the build up to the New Year – the data appears to be having a party of its own in the moments before shouting “Happy New Year!” at the stroke of midnight.

The second showcases the flight patterns of aircraft across the US, with mesmerising visualisations in which you can see the red-eye flights take off from cities as the sunrise moves from the east coast to the west.

They say data is the new oil – but oil never looked this good!

To read more about Aaron’s amazing work head to