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IBM IOD 2 from day 2

IBM IOD: 2 from Day 2

Two sessions at IBM IOD captured my interest today – one because it highlighted some new offerings that are super-sexy, and the other because I was presenting it!

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What If

WHAT IF? Advanced forecasting with TM1 & SPSS


Two of the most powerful words in the English language that confirm uncertainty and open the opportunity for understanding. In the world of business, how an organisation addresses these two simple words can determine those that succeed and those that struggle to compete.

WHAT IF you had an intimate understanding of the performance of your organisation?

WHAT IF you could evaluate the impact of your decisions on business outcomes?

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Power of Power

The Power of Power

Flick switch up. Light goes on. Flick switch down. Light goes off. Flick switch up. Light goes on….and so it continues. This is how my four year old influences the energy market, completely unaware of the growing list of companies competing to charge me for the energy she is so eagerly consuming.

Since the 1980s, Governments throughout the world have embarked on the process of deregulating all- or part- of their energy networks in an effort to improve the quality and service of energy delivered to consumers, and provide transparency of power pricing. I’ve worked with customers that operate throughout the electricity supply chain – Generators, Distributors & Retailers – but none interest me more so than those termed “Gen-tailers”, that is, companies that both generate electricity and sell it to the consumer.

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