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Predicting Pro Players

Predicting Pro Players

Normally I write about what I know.  Today I’m writing about what I wonder.

In case you haven’t already noticed from previous posts, I’m really passionate about sport.  Born and raised in Melbourne, the home of Australian Sport, it really isn’t a surprise.  Which is why I’m so interested in how analytics is being used to transform the world of sport.

In previous posts I’ve talked about how analytics is helping the Leicester Tigers better predict and prevent injury in players, and how social media is determining a whole new dimension of “winner” in the Grand Slam Tennis tournaments.

But I wonder, can analytics help us to identify junior and amateur players that have the greatest potential to turn pro?

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Analytics in Sport

Analytics in Sport: Making the Invisible, Visible

This post is inspired by my beloved Essendon Bombers.  Who, after showing significant promise at the start of the season beating the top contenders for the championship, have since suffered injury after injury after injury, with nothing short of humiliating defeats in the lead up to the finals.

Analytics in the world of sport is not a new concept, and yet many teams are still to realise its full potential.  Much like the world of business, sporting teams around the world are looking to analytics to make the patterns and trends in human performance and game strategy that may be invisible to the human eye, visible.

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Why Information about Assets is your greatest Asset

Why information about assets is your greatest asset

When a company’s viability is determined largely by its investment in physical assets, information about the asset is an asset in itself.

Today, information is captured throughout the life of an asset and its individual components – it’s how we use this information to make more informed decisions that can improve service levels and generate greater profits.

There are four key activities required to sweat an asset.

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Medway Youth Trust

That’s NEET! How Medway Youth Trust & SPSS are changing lives

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy ~

Business Analytics is not just about increasing revenue and decreasing profit, it’s also about making the world a better place.  Today, I’m writing about the “business” of giving our most valuable resources a better start to life.

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Predicting Tall Poppies

Predicting Tall Poppies

A company is only as good as the employees it keeps.

For a long time, the world of analytics has focused on understanding the lifetime value of a customer to help organisations understand which ones are worth fighting for, and of those, which are at high risk of taking their money elsewhere.

Which begs the question, why aren’t we using the same techniques to understand the value an employee will bring to the organisation over the course of their career, and which of those tall poppies are at highest risk of leaving the organisation?

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Crime Prevention

SPSS Superheroes

Who didn’t want to be a Superhero growing up?  For me, it was She-ra, Princess of Power!  And for one brief fancy dress ball I did in fact carry a sword and fight my arch nemesis, Katra.

Whilst many of us never had the super powers required to be the next Spiderman, with the help of IBM predictive analytics, a select group have found innovative and unique ways to reduce crime and make the streets a safer place.

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