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IBM Watson Analytics Power to the People

IBM Watson Analytics: Power to the People

How often have you found yourself needing to make a key business decision, but don’t have the insight to back it up?  You have the data, but it’s sitting in a spreadsheet in a format that doesn’t highlight key trends or statistical insight.  You simply don’t have the time, or the long-term business need, to work through a structured analytical process to load and analyze it through formal Enterprise systems.

What you need is a fast and easy way to investigate key trends, identify insight of statistical relevance, predict likely future events, and package it up with compelling visualizations that help you communicate insight to others in the team.  And you need to be able to do it on your own without the need of a statistical genius or farm of servers.

What you need is Watson – and he’s bringing the power of analytics to the people!

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Find the Facts with Data Collection

Find the Facts with Data Collection

Seven months ago, I left my Business Analytics team to take on the role of Strategic Initiatives Leader for technical professionals and services across IBM’s growth markets.  What I didn’t realize at the time, is that you can take the girl out of analytics, but you can’t take analytics out of the girl!

In this climate of rapidly advancing technology, in our business it’s essential that we equip our teams with the modern resources they need to be successful.  Recently our leadership group were discussing this very topic, with the specific desire to understand what technology was needed where and by whom.  After theorizing about which regions and teams might have various needs, my natural instinct kicked in – what does the data tell us?

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Many Eyes are better than one

Many Eyes are better than one!

What is the future of visual analytics? Many would suggest you’d need an army of data scientists and extensive investment in hardware and software to find out. Not so! With the re-vamp of IBM Many Eyes to deliver a broader selection of visualization techniques, IBM is once again giving the ability to derive insight from data, to the masses.

When it comes to finding nuggets of insight hidden in sheets of data, many eyes are always better than one!

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You Asked IBM Analytic Answers

You asked, IBM Analytic Answers!

Historically, small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) have struggled to access the significant return on investment offered by predictive analytics, simply because they don’t have the capital expenditure, time and skills required to implement the technology.  That is, until now.

You asked for a way to derive predictive insight without the need to acquire statistical expertise and invest capital.  IBM Analytic Answers with predictive analytics offered as a service, hosted via a cloud subscription to provide predictive insight on your data.

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Mums McAnalytics

Mum’s McAnalytics

To celebrate my mother’s birthday, this post is dedicated to fixing one of her frustrations – being overwhelmed with information that delivers very little insight.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you’ve had to make an important business decision, IT have given you a 100-page report (that took months to develop) and yet you can’t find the one answer you need to make the right decision?

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Predicting Pro Players

Predicting Pro Players

Normally I write about what I know.  Today I’m writing about what I wonder.

In case you haven’t already noticed from previous posts, I’m really passionate about sport.  Born and raised in Melbourne, the home of Australian Sport, it really isn’t a surprise.  Which is why I’m so interested in how analytics is being used to transform the world of sport.

In previous posts I’ve talked about how analytics is helping the Leicester Tigers better predict and prevent injury in players, and how social media is determining a whole new dimension of “winner” in the Grand Slam Tennis tournaments.

But I wonder, can analytics help us to identify junior and amateur players that have the greatest potential to turn pro?

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The Solution they want to keep Secret

The Solution they want to keep Secret

I love sharing stories about success that my customers have achieved over the years through the use of business analytics technology.  But there’s one solution I can’t talk about, because everyone that uses it wants to keep it a secret….from their competitors.

Shhh!  You didn’t hear this from me.

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Application Agnostic Analytics

Get your AAA rating with Application Agnostic Analytics

Pop quiz: You have an important decision to make – whether to increase the price of one of your best selling products on the market.  You can ask your Executive team just ONE question:

A.  Finance:  What impact will this price change have on our revenues for the year?
B.  HR:  Is our sales team experienced enough to sell the value of the product at a higher price?
C.  Operations:  Do we have excess stock that is causing us significant holding costs?
D.  Sales:  Are there current contracts on the table that would be adversely impacted by the increase?
E.  Marketing:  What sentiment do our customers have about current prices?
F.  Customer:  Will a price increase cause some of our highly profitable customers to churn?
G.  Product Management:  How will the price change position us against our competitors?

Naturally, the answer is H. All of the Above!  And yet, many organizations today continue to base their analytical strategy around a single business application and a biased view of overall performance.

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Analytics in Sport

Analytics in Sport: Making the Invisible, Visible

This post is inspired by my beloved Essendon Bombers.  Who, after showing significant promise at the start of the season beating the top contenders for the championship, have since suffered injury after injury after injury, with nothing short of humiliating defeats in the lead up to the finals.

Analytics in the world of sport is not a new concept, and yet many teams are still to realise its full potential.  Much like the world of business, sporting teams around the world are looking to analytics to make the patterns and trends in human performance and game strategy that may be invisible to the human eye, visible.

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Theres plenty of fish in the Sea

There’s plenty of fish in the Sea (of Cognos)

There’s plenty of fish in the Sea…and no, this is not a dating blog!

Quite literally, with the help of IBM Cognos, MG Kailis spend more time fishing for seafood and less time fishing for insight.

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