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You Have 30 Seconds to Decide

You have 30 seconds to make the right decision. Your time starts…NOW!

A customer calls the help desk and gets routed through to you.  They are not happy with the service they are getting from your company.  You have to decide whether to make them an offer to keep them, or let them leave to a competitor.  They may or may not be a profitable customer.  They may or may not accept one particular offer over another.  You may or may not have enough money left in the promotional campaign budget to make an offer.  You have 30 seconds to determine the fate of this customer relationship and the impact on your revenue targets.  Your time starts….NOW!

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Business Analytics Experience

Business Analytics is not a game! Or is it?

A wise leader once said, “It’s not the length of experience that counts, it’s the intensity.” So when IBM was looking for volunteers to promote and facilitate Business Analytics Experience workshops, I jumped at the chance. More than just a set of presentations or product demonstrations, it gives customers “a day in the life” of an executive who has access to the information they need to make more informed decisions, and drive better business outcomes.

With the latest release of the BAE dedicated to the Office Of Finance, I can even sit my husband down and show him what he’s missing out on!

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