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Santas Perfect Santa Sack

Santa’s Perfect Santa Sack

Once a year, the man in the red suit holds all the power.  Anyone who has kids knows what I’m talking about.  We’ve all used (or experienced) the power of Santa to change behaviour, at least for a short period of time.  For decades, poor Santa has been operating with a static set of data, often referred to as “The List”.  But in the era of analytical insight, it’s even more important to behave – Santa doesn’t just have data, he has insight!

And he’s been taking a few tips from the local energy industry on how to turn insight into action.

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10 ways to make sense of the smart grid at IOD

10 ways to make sense of the smart grid @ IOD

Energy companies and governments around the world are investing in technologies to enable smarter use of electrical grids.  Monitoring devices are being introduced in all stages of the energy life cycle—from turbines in the plants, throughout network infrastructure and to individual households and appliances.

While significant investment is required to build an intelligent grid, the capturing of information in itself will not deliver value — it’s how we use this new information to generate efficiencies and identify areas for innovation that will determine the success of the smart grid.

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Congnos 10 minute challenge

Instant Insight: My 10 minute Cognos challenge

Today I set myself a challenge: How much insight could I get from a data set that is foreign to me in under 10 minutes?

Would it be enough time to evaluate the physical data file, understand structures, formats, columns, names etc? Would it be enough time to rank, sort, group, slice?  But most importantly, would I be able to not only understand the data, but draw conclusions about what it represents?

Armed with a phantom data set and IBM Cognos Insight, I started the clock!

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Power of Power

The Power of Power

Flick switch up. Light goes on. Flick switch down. Light goes off. Flick switch up. Light goes on….and so it continues. This is how my four year old influences the energy market, completely unaware of the growing list of companies competing to charge me for the energy she is so eagerly consuming.

Since the 1980s, Governments throughout the world have embarked on the process of deregulating all- or part- of their energy networks in an effort to improve the quality and service of energy delivered to consumers, and provide transparency of power pricing. I’ve worked with customers that operate throughout the electricity supply chain – Generators, Distributors & Retailers – but none interest me more so than those termed “Gen-tailers”, that is, companies that both generate electricity and sell it to the consumer.

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