Marketing in the era of Cognitive

People talk about digital disruption as if it’s the biggest challenge facing businesses today. Examples are plentiful - you only have to ask the taxi or hotel industry how much their business has been turned inside-out by the digital innovations brought to the table by Uber and AirBnB. But is it really the use of digital leading the disruption?

Customer Experience Analytics: Connecting you now…

Communication providers are facing difficult times as competition continues to intensify, giving customers increasing choice in selecting products and services. Most telcos offer similar services at similar prices, making it nearly impossible to find a sustainable competitive advantage based solely on price or products. Add to that the fact that new entrants to the market bring alternative services with an inherent ability to innovate faster than traditional communication providers. With unlimited access to information via the Internet and social media, consumers are well and truly calling the shots. Consumers expect quality experiences — with the brand, [...]

Behaviour Based Customer Insight: An open letter to my bank

To the bank that co-owns the roof over my head and holds my hard-earned savings, Please, stop sending me offers that are irrelevant to my financial position and my stage in life.  Stop communicating with me via mediums that I find outdated and inconvenient.  Most of all, stop treating me like just another customer and treat me like an individual that has chosen you to be my financial partner in life. All I ask is that you anticipate and service my financial needs.  Use what you know about me to deliver a seamless and interconnected engagement regardless of where or [...]