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Many Eyes are better than one

Many Eyes are better than one!

What is the future of visual analytics? Many would suggest you’d need an army of data scientists and extensive investment in hardware and software to find out. Not so! With the re-vamp of IBM Many Eyes to deliver a broader selection of visualization techniques, IBM is once again giving the ability to derive insight from data, to the masses.

When it comes to finding nuggets of insight hidden in sheets of data, many eyes are always better than one!

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Stop Collaborate and Listen

Stop, collaborate and listen.

Over two years ago when IBM Cognos 10 was first launched, one shy little feature was introduced with very little fanfare that had the potential to change the way we make decisions in businesses today.  Unfortunately, at the time of the launch, the market was not yet ready for collaborative decision-making.

The world of social business has come a long way since then, and now is the time to stop making rash decisions, collaborate with your network of peers and experts, listen to the collective advice and experience of the entire team/organization, and make more informed, collaborative business decisions.

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IBM IOD 2 from day 2

IBM IOD: 2 from Day 2

Two sessions at IBM IOD captured my interest today – one because it highlighted some new offerings that are super-sexy, and the other because I was presenting it!

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Cognos Insight Challenge Whose team are you on

Cognos Insight Challenge: Whose team are you on?

Arguably one of the most important decisions of all is deciding which sporting team has the pleasure of your passionate support.  Make the wrong decision, and you spend every weekend banging your head against the wall, and every Monday morning in the office being reminded of it.  Make the right decision, and you enjoy a weekend of celebrations followed by a week of bragging rights.

Many had this decision made for them by their parents before they were born.  Some chose based on team location or uniform colors.  Some of us even married into an allegiance.  This is not the case for the newest member to our local team who recently moved here from sports-mad Scotland – so I took it upon myself to make sure he could make a more informed decision about which team to support.

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10 ways to make sense of the smart grid at IOD

10 ways to make sense of the smart grid @ IOD

Energy companies and governments around the world are investing in technologies to enable smarter use of electrical grids.  Monitoring devices are being introduced in all stages of the energy life cycle—from turbines in the plants, throughout network infrastructure and to individual households and appliances.

While significant investment is required to build an intelligent grid, the capturing of information in itself will not deliver value — it’s how we use this new information to generate efficiencies and identify areas for innovation that will determine the success of the smart grid.

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Big Data Big Deal

Big data? Big deal.

Ever heard the saying “it’s not the size that counts, but what you do with it“?

No doubt you’ve heard the latest buzz words in the world of technology – the biggest of which is “big data”.  With exponential data growth, organisations are scrambling to understand how they will cope with the rapidly changing structured and unstructured data that supposedly now defines their business.

So what’s the big deal with big data?

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Theres plenty of fish in the Sea

There’s plenty of fish in the Sea (of Cognos)

There’s plenty of fish in the Sea…and no, this is not a dating blog!

Quite literally, with the help of IBM Cognos, MG Kailis spend more time fishing for seafood and less time fishing for insight.

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Cognos Insight Challenge

Game on! The Cognos Insight Challenge

If you’ve been thinking about playing with IBM Cognos Insight, but haven’t got around to it yet, now is the perfect opportunity to get your hands dirty and win global kudos!

Tim O’Bryan has set the challenge on AnalyticsZone to take what is possibly THE most boring data on earth – that is the results of the 2012 British Open – and derive some serious insight using nothing but your desktop, IBM Cognos Insight, and a little creativity.  With the free trial version available for download – there are no more excuses.

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IBM Cognos Insight - The Prince of Performance Management

IBM Cognos Insight: The Prince of Performance Management

The ability to analyse data and derive insight within the confines of your own desktop is one thing.  It’s an entirely different experience when you include the ability to manage budgets, forecasts and planning models within the same interactive workspace.

Married to a Chartered Accountant, I’m all too familiar with the intricate copying, pasting, calculations and hidden functions required to create an interactive forecast using Microsoft Excel.  Which begs the question: should I tell him how much easier his life could be using software for which interactivity is an inherent part of its DNA?

If IBM Cognos BI is the Queen, and IBM Cognos TM1 is the King, then IBM Cognos Insight is the Prince of Performance Management.  Which is why, this week’s Cognos Insight challenge was to analyse the past three years worth of income and expenses for the Prince of Wales, and create a forward-looking forecast to help him manage his Jubilee year budget.

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IBM Cognos Insight calls Time on Wimbledon Tweets

IBM Cognos Insight calls Time on Wimbledon Tweets

By the time Roger Federer was presented as the winner of Wimbledon, almost three million tweets had been sent, received and analysed to understand the sentiment towards players as they took the court.  Which begs the question – while Federer won on the tennis court, did he win in the court of public opinion?

My IBM Cognos Insight challenge this week was to find out.

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