Data may be the new oil, but AI is the electricity of our era

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the electricity of our era, and it already feeds into everything we do. From a personal perspective, it’s in the predictive recommendations telling me which products to buy on  It’s the natural language processing in my Uber app getting me where I need to go.  It’s the machine learning behind my Facebook profile doing things it probably shouldn’t be.  And the deep learning in my Google experience helping me answer my kids questions and look a lot smarter than I really am. But the big question remains – how do you bring AI into your business? [...]

Marketing in the era of Cognitive

People talk about digital disruption as if it’s the biggest challenge facing businesses today. Examples are plentiful - you only have to ask the taxi or hotel industry how much their business has been turned inside-out by the digital innovations brought to the table by Uber and AirBnB. But is it really the use of digital leading the disruption?

Guide Dogs: Seeing more with cognitive insights

Like many organisations, Guiding Eyes for the Blind have been collecting data for decades in the hope that one day it would provide significant benefit - including volumes of complex genetic mapping, medical records, and journals and logs from thousands of puppy raisers, foster parents and trainers. Their hope - is that through data and insight they can lift the success rate of their guide-dog breeding program.