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What Mobile and Analytics have in common - The Consumer

What Mobile & Analytics have in common: The Consumer

Ten years ago, when stuck in an airport lounge for an extended period of time, you probably would have read a book, a magazine, or opened your laptop to get some work done.

Nowadays, you’re just as likely to attend conference calls, pay utility bills, conduct banking transactions, purchase clothes for the kids, and connect with family and friends through social media, all through the use of your smart phone.

A mobile device can be anything from a smart phone, to a tablet, to wearable technologies such as smart watches and fitness trackers,  And they all have four characteristics in common:

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Generation D

Generation D: Data-rich and analytically driven

There is a new generational gap emerging in the world of business, driven by a group of organisations we fondly refer to as “Generation D” — for data, which sits at the very heart of how these organisations think and act.

The bad news is, according to the statistics, chances are you’re not working for one of them.  The good news is, unlike many generational trends this is not related to age, so there is hope yet.

We know that data and analytics has the potential to impact how we work each and every day, and is already being used to transform entire industries for the better.  Generation D organisations are data-rich, analytically driven, and setting new benchmarks in business performance.

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IBM Watson Analytics Power to the People

IBM Watson Analytics: Power to the People

How often have you found yourself needing to make a key business decision, but don’t have the insight to back it up?  You have the data, but it’s sitting in a spreadsheet in a format that doesn’t highlight key trends or statistical insight.  You simply don’t have the time, or the long-term business need, to work through a structured analytical process to load and analyze it through formal Enterprise systems.

What you need is a fast and easy way to investigate key trends, identify insight of statistical relevance, predict likely future events, and package it up with compelling visualizations that help you communicate insight to others in the team.  And you need to be able to do it on your own without the need of a statistical genius or farm of servers.

What you need is Watson – and he’s bringing the power of analytics to the people!

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Get in the Zone with Big Data and Analytics

Get in the Zone with Big Data & Analytics

With many clients achieving phenomenal business results from Big Data & Analytics — 150% growth in revenue, 95% accuracy in sales forecasts, 98.5% on-time delivery to name just a few — companies around the world are trying to replicate the same super productive analytical state in order to achieve their own business goals.

To be successful, you need to understand- and get in- the analytical zone.

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5 smarter steps from Farm-to-Fork

5 Steps to Smarter Food on your Fork

If, like me, you were raised to always finish the food on your plate because there were less fortunate children starving around the world, you would be horrified to know that in developed nations, 40% of all food produced is thrown away before it even makes it to your plate!

Add to that the knowledge that more than 70% of fresh-water usage is consumed trying to get food from farms on to your fork.  With a typical carrot in Iowa traveling 16,000 miles from farm-to-fork, do you really want to be eating that carbon footprint?

Fortunately, there are smarter ways to feed our families thanks to analytical insight.

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The Connected Consumer is King

The Connected Consumer is King

Many talk about the interesting trends in economies driven by consumerism – with the rise of consumer spending on domestic products and services, fueled by growing population and higher wage earners across many of world’s growth markets.

Couple this with the rise of Connected Consumers – those living a digital lifestyle who expect to be able to run their lives through a smart phone and will quickly (and publicly) comment on the value of your brand when you fail to support them in doing so.  Suddenly we find ourselves in an age where the Connected Consumer is King.

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Are You Cyborg Friendly

Are you cyborg-friendly?

Last week I had the privilege of seeing Tim Longhurst, a self-titled “Futurist”, present on the future of technology and innovation at IBM Pulse.

Through humor and candid reflections on the progress of technology, Tim went on to prove the vast majority of the audience technically qualified as “cyborgs” and posed a very interesting question for organizations today: “Are you cyborg-friendly?”

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You Asked IBM Analytic Answers

You asked, IBM Analytic Answers!

Historically, small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) have struggled to access the significant return on investment offered by predictive analytics, simply because they don’t have the capital expenditure, time and skills required to implement the technology.  That is, until now.

You asked for a way to derive predictive insight without the need to acquire statistical expertise and invest capital.  IBM Analytic Answers with predictive analytics offered as a service, hosted via a cloud subscription to provide predictive insight on your data.

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Man and Machine Teaming for Insight with SPSS

Man & Machine Teaming for Insight with SPSS

In 1997, Garry Kasparov, a human, famously lost a chess game to IBM Deep Blue, a machine. There-in started the age of “Man vs Machine” – a hot topic for many boardroom debates and box office movies.  What many may not know, is the events that transpired in a freestyle chess tournament held in 2005.  Neither Man nor Machine took home the title, it was in fact two men and a machine working in cooperation that reigned supreme and took home the title.

In Shyam Sankar‘s TED presentation “The rise of human-computer cooperation“, he so rightly points out that “brute computing force alone can’t solve the world’s problems“.  Least of all, the world’s analytical problems.  Which is why Man and Machine must team to drive greater insight.

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Mums McAnalytics

Mum’s McAnalytics

To celebrate my mother’s birthday, this post is dedicated to fixing one of her frustrations – being overwhelmed with information that delivers very little insight.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you’ve had to make an important business decision, IT have given you a 100-page report (that took months to develop) and yet you can’t find the one answer you need to make the right decision?

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