Stop, collaborate and listen.

Over two years ago when IBM Cognos 10 was first launched, one shy little feature was introduced with very little fanfare that had the potential to change the way we make decisions in businesses today.  Unfortunately, at the time of the launch, the market was not yet ready for collaborative decision-making.

The world of social business has come a long way since then, and now is the time to stop making rash decisions, collaborate with your network of peers and experts, listen to the collective advice and experience of the entire team/organization, and make more informed, collaborative business decisions.

Organizations have a wealth of knowledge and expertize.  One of the greatest challenges we face is knowing how to capture that knowledge to share more widely across the organization, and train new employees as they enter the workforce.

Take for example a new employee who needs to make an important business decision for the first time.  Even with analytical insight at his/her fingertips, they may not know the right way to interpret that information, and the range of different options they have to choose from.  A senior employee in the same situation has a wealth of expertize and experience to use in addition to the analytical insight – so how do we capture that expertize to help everyone in the team make better decisions?

By combining analytics with social collaboration, of course!



Utilizing this unique integration point between IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM Connections, the new employee can create a collaborative decision activity directly from their reporting dashboard, where they can start to capture dialogue and advice from more experienced members in the team.

Not only does this help them make a better decision today, the process of capturing advice and dialogue around a key decision can then be re-used by others in the team as they learn and make similar decisions in the future.



Collaborative-decision making allows employees to start a dialogue around a specific piece of insight, leverage expertize and experience from across the team, and ultimately make better business decisions.

Are you ready to stop, collaborate and listen?

On a more personal note, I never thought I’d quote Vanilla Ice under professional circumstances.  Who knew he had such a forward-looking view of collaborative decision making. 🙂