Mum’s McAnalytics

To celebrate my mother’s birthday, this post is dedicated to fixing one of her frustrations – being overwhelmed with information that delivers very little insight.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you’ve had to make an important business decision, IT have given you a 100-page report (that took months to develop) and yet you can’t find the one answer you need to make the right decision?

That’s the situation my mother found herself in at the McDonald’s drive through – okay, so not exactly an “important business decision”!  Driving up to place her order she was overwhelmed with the four-boards of menu items with extensive lists of burgers, drinks, desserts, options, sauces, coffees, non-burger burgers, kids meals…argh!

I am a technology girl, and this is a technology world.  As such, we expect to only be presented with the information that is relevant to us – both in the boardroom and on the boardwalk.  This is what my mother should have experienced…

On driving into the drive-through lane, the security camera scans her license plate and looks up her customer record.  By the time she gets to the order box, the analytical-driven menus have already analyzed her historical purchases and predicted what she is most likely to purchase today.  She is presented with the top 10 items she orders most regularly, including the McHappy meals she often orders when she has her grand-kids in the car.  The menus also make a recommendation on something she hasn’t tried before, but based on her previous purchase, is most likely to enjoy.  They also offer her a discount on a menu item she is unlikely to purchase at full price, in the hope to increase the wallet share on this particular transaction.  On seeing this personalized menu, she places her order quickly and stress-free and moves to the next window.

Using analytical-driven insight, she is presented with only the information she needs to make the right choice, increasing the probability of a successful outcome.

This mentality should be prevalent in all aspects of decision-making.  To maximize the potential for a successful outcome, decision makers need to be presented with the right information at the right time – something which the IBM Business Analytics portfolio has dedicated its existence to achieving.

It’s through personalization of the right information that we can achieve better business decisions and deliver real McResults.