Katrina Read

Katrina Read IBM Salesforce

Passionate business technologist.  Creative strategist.  Keen futurist.  Agent of change.
Innovative technology is my tool of choice.

Katrina Read is a global Business Technologist and Technical Executive with expertise in customer success, data-driven marketing, mobile engagement, big data, analytics and cognitive business, and is passionate about using technology to make the world a better place. With over 15 years experience at the intersection of business and technology, she has inspired organisations across a range of industries to get to know their customers better by asking more questions, uncovering greater insight, and transforming their business with data.

Throughout her career, Katrina has been recognised for her achievements and leadership in the industry, including being awarded the Adacel Software Engineering Award, Worldwide Analytics Architect of the Year, Worldwide Solutions Consultant of the Year, ARN Women in ICT Technical Award, and voted one of Australia’s Top 20 Business Blogs.

When she’s not on stage presenting to audiences of over 1,000 attendees, or engaged in one-on-one discussions with clients about how technology can transform their business, she’s capturing her thoughts on technology and innovation on katsinsight.com, or buying coffee for one of the many interns and employees she mentors.

Katrina is a renowned keynote speaker and has shared her passion on data and analytics with both business and technical audiences around the world – from New York to London, Singapore and Sydney just to name a few.  Her sessions have been described as high energy, intriguing, motivational and full of passion, with every session tailored to the audience for maximum impact and entertainment.

Katrina accepts a selective number of keynote speaking requests each year on topics such as:

  • marketing in the era of cognitive;
  • exceeding expectations of the digital and mobile consumer;
  • thriving in a world of disruptive technology;
  • the journey to cognitive business;
  • transforming business with data and insight; and
  • building a personal brand in the digital age.

Here’s an example on The Mobile-enabled consumer: http://t.co/WlfVT0NQor

For more information or bookings please connect via email:  kat@katsinsight.com.