IBM’s Vehicle for Success

Imagine sitting behind the wheel of a car, blind-folded, and being asked to “just drive“.  Which way do you turn?  Do you drive forwards or put the vehicle in reverse?  Whether you’re driving a racing car or tractor, the risk of driving straight into the path of oncoming traffic or down a ditch is equally daunting.

And yet that is how many companies still expect their decision makers to operate. Whether steering a vehicle or an organisation, the importance of having clear insight into everything around you is imperative to making the right decision.

When it comes to a vehicle, we add a rear-view mirror so the driver can see where they have come from, and what has happened in the past.  For the corporate decision maker, this comes in the form of historical reports detailing what has happened over the past weeks, months, years.  The historical view has been the focus of many organisations over the past decade and is well established.

Every vehicle also includes a dashboard so the driver can gauge an understanding of how the vehicle is performing right now – whether it is travelling at the right speed and has enough fuel to get us to our destination.  Most organisations have gotten to the point of providing a dashboard for decision makers to understand how they are tracking against key metrics.

Unfortunately, this is where the similarities end for many organisations.

Imagine you are now driving a vechicle with nothing but a rear-view mirror and a dashboard?  Clearly we are still missing one of the most important tools for making the right decision – the front windscreen.  Being able to see what is likely to happen in the future can be the difference between making the right decision and steering the organsation towards blue skies, or making the wrong decision and heading directly into the eye of a storm.

At this point some vendors are crawling up into the feotal position, whilst others are jumping up and down in excitment and screeching “We can do that! We can do that!“.  Great!  Now, can you ensure that the driver can see all three views at the same time without having to change seats, positions or even vehicles?

There is only one software vendor that can provide you with the vehicle for success, bringing together all views of information – historical, current and future – to make an informed decision at the time it is needed.

Cognos Business Intelligence delivers the rear-view mirror and dashboard, and provides the framework that brings together all horizons into the line of site for the driver or key decision maker. Together with Cognos TM1 and SPSS for the front windscreen, IBM Business Analytics delivers the complete view of information on which to make an informed decision.

Unlike other “vehicles” on the market – pop the hood and you’ll see the most highly performant engine on the market.

If Henry Ford worked for IBM, I’m sure he’d say “your car can be any colour you want, but your organisation needs it to be blue”  🙂