IBM Watson: All grown up and off to medical school

Children learn through play.  I see it everyday with my own kids – something as simple as a jigsaw puzzle teaches them problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

Watson, is IBM‘s baby.  Through playing Jeopardy, he learned how to understand nuances in language, search through the depths of his knowledge and deliver a single, concise answer.  And now that he’s all grown up, he’s off to medical school!

With strengths in understanding natural language, hypothesis generation and evidence-based learning, Watson brings the perfect skill set to provide much needed support to the medical profession in diagnosing and treating patients.  With access to a wealth of knowledge about a patient’s family history, clinical studies, medical notes etc., Watson can deliver unprecedented insight in prescribing a best course of treatment.


But he won’t stop there.  IBM has also enrolled him for a degree in Finance.  He’ll be learning about the business of retail and institutional banking – applying his ability to consume vast amounts of information, identify hidden trends and patterns, and help make informed decisions about investment choices and risk management.


Who knows where else his career will take him.  What we do know, is that IBM Watson is all grown up and ready to work at transforming the way industries tackle their biggest challenges.

Normally it’s sad to see your baby leave the nest – in this case, we couldn’t be more excited!