IBM and Apple to fuel the Individual Enterprise

The techworld is abuzz with the announcement of IBM and Apple’s exclusive partnership to bring mobile applications to the Enterprise.  The excitement is fueled by the prospect of super sexy mobile devices, powered by Enterprise-ready computing for mobile and analytics.

While there is much talk about what this collaboration will mean to the likes of Microsoft and Google, the question I am most interested in, is what impact will this have on my clients’ ability to leverage the power of analytics for improved business performance?

Mobile devices are radially changing the way we behave each and every day.  From the way we connect with friends and family, to the way we make- and transact- purchase decisions, to the way we conduct business and communicate with colleagues.  In fact, the average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day – almost once every six minutes!  Keeping smartphones within reach throughout the day and night, makes them the perfect medium to communicate analytical insights in order to influence decisions at the time they need to be made.

But while many organisations are on the path to understanding how to leverage mobile technology for their customers, few have realised the potential in adopting mobile analytics as a competitive differentiator.

By combining the power of analytics with the pervasiveness and convenience of mobile, organisations have the ability to serve valuable insight in context of location, user preference and behaviours, empowering employees to quickly acquire new skills, work better together, and make more informed business decisions.

It’s all about getting the right information to the right person, at the right time.

Enter the world of the Individual Enterprise – where employees are empowered by analytics delivered and consumed using mobile devices.

For years, big data and analytics technology has been changing the way we work together – making sense of information to drive better decisions, and improving every function of the business from customer insight to operational efficiency.  We’ve moved from maintaining “Systems of Record” that store and organise highly structured information, to “Systems of Engagement” that allow users to retrieve and contribute, to “Systems of Insight” that deliver valuable intelligent and predictive insights.

Couple this shift with the introduction of tablets and smartphones in the workforce, and you elevate the Enterprise from one that is efficient, streamlined and productive, to one that collectively has insight at the point of engagement, makes decisions in context, and maximises performance.


IndividualEnterpriseIBM Institute of Business Value’s “Double Revolution


The potential for mobile to improve the way we work is exciting.  Unlocking its full potential with the power of analytics — now that’s revolutionary!

Read more about The Individual Enterprise and the five fundamental building blocks in the IBM Institute of Business Value’s research study “The Individual Enterprise – How mobility redefines business“.