Engineering insights with Watson @ Woodside

I was planning to write a witty blog post asking you a question that required you to work 24 hours a day for the next five years, reading more than 28,000 documents to answer it with any degree of confidence.

I was going to enlighten you on the disruption faced by the oil and gas sector, that now sees revolutionary technology delivered in months, not years.

I was going to explain the value of IBM Watson in being able to capture 30 years of company knowledge about designing, fabricating and constructing major oil and gas facilities, understanding large volumes of unstructured and historical data contained in project reports in seconds, and being able to converse with a Woodside engineer using natural language to support faster, more accurate fact-based decisions.

And about how maintaining competitive advantage through innovation with cognitive computing can generate significant value and grow businesses like never before.

Bet then I realised, sometimes it’s just better to let our customers speak for themselves – because they know their story better than anyone….



Image & Video Credit:  Woodside Energy Ltd.