Driving Student Success with Analytics in Education

Watching the finale of MasterChef last night I was amazed at how in the space of 12 weeks Andy had completely changed the course of his career.  From sparky to chef he’s done what many are too afraid to attempt – throwing out years of training and experience and starting from scratch.  Of course, he’s had the good fortune of  MasterChef to help him get a kick start on his new career.

For others wanting to change careers, it’s not that simple.  Gaining qualifications in another area of expertise takes time – and with bills to pay and families to feed, leaving your job to return to University is simply not an option.  Fortunately, providers such as Open Universities Australia (OUA) are helping students achieve their education and career goals through online programs where they can study anytime, anywhere, and at a pace that suits them.

In order to deliver flexible, quality courses, OUA needs a comprehensive understanding of its students – what they’re interested in learning and identifying students who require additional academic support or services to complete their education.  Enter the role of Business Analytics.

Using a three-phase approach, OUA with the help of IBM and Certus Solutions have achieved:

  • A Business Intelligence Competency Centre to manage the analytics programme and support all areas of the business to drive greater insight through analytics.
  • Reduced time to report results from weeks to just minutes, supporting better and faster decision-making.
  • Greater understanding of student profiles and segments to be able to identify students that require additional support and increase student performance and retention.
  • The ability to react more quickly to changes in sales patterns – ensuring sales and service agents have the information they need to offer the right products to the right customers at the right time.
  • Greater insight into student and market trends that have consolidated OUA‘s position as a market leader in online learning.

Of course, analytics is not just useful in the world of online universities.  Education providers around the world are employing analytical technologies to improve student outcomes, curriculum planning, teacher performance, operations and financial performance.

To learn more about how analytics is making a difference in Primary, Secondary & Higher Education, register for the IBM Business Analytics Online Education Conference being hosted in Australia on Thursday, August 9 2012.


Note:  The complete Open Universities Australia case study can be found here.