Business Analytics is not a game! Or is it?

A wise leader once said, “It’s not the length of experience that counts, it’s the intensity.” So when IBM was looking for volunteers to promote and facilitate Business Analytics Experience workshops, I jumped at the chance. More than just a set of presentations or product demonstrations, it gives customers “a day in the life” of an executive who has access to the information they need to make more informed decisions, and drive better business outcomes.

With the latest release of the BAE dedicated to the Office Of Finance, I can even sit my husband down and show him what he’s missing out on!

The workshop begins by creating a competitive environment, in which teams will face off to see who generates the greatest revenue and profit over four quarters of business operations. Each member in the team is granted the role of an Executive, entitled to make key business decisions that will impact financial and operational performance.

Business Analytics Experience Workshop

Over the course of the workshop, the teams use a comprehensive analytical solution to evaluate past and current performance, and update budgets and forecasts to reflect key business decisions, such as which markets and product lines to invest key resources. With an ownership company setting aggressive growth targets, the team is also given a injection of capital and asked to evaluate and execute one of two acquisition strategies.

What starts as an innocent task soon progresses to a seriously fun competition with some often aggressive business strategies being executed in the hope to become the victor. Regardless of the winning team, everyone walks away with a greater understanding of business analytics as a discipline, and a vision of how they can utilise similar solutions within their own organisation.

For those implementing analytics solutions, these workshops are a great way to educate the various business groups and progress the level of analytical maturity within the user base. For anyone considering making an investment in business analytics technologies, these are a great way to see what is possible and get some real experience with the IBM Business Analytics portfolio.

The BAE workshops are held on a regular basis in most major cities, but can also be scheduled on request. Please contact your local IBM marketing or business analytics team for more information. If you don’t know who they are – send me an email and I’d be happy to hunt them down on your behalf.

Back when I was a university student I had a part time job as a Croupier at Crown Casino. I used to make jokes about how great it was getting paid to play games for a living. Now that I’ve found my calling in life, I’m glad my competitive streak still gets a work out every now and then.

Game on!