Big Data for Social Good – Are you up for the challenge?

How many mornings do you get to wake up and say to yourself, “Today, I’m going to make the world a better place!“?

Today, and every day until March 3rd, 2015, you can say exactly that by signing up for the Big Data for Social Good Challenge.  We’re calling all developers, data scientists, and anyone with analytical super-powers, to take a deep dive into real-world issues using big data and IBM Bluemix’s Analytics for Hadoop service.

So what are you waiting for?

You can analyze a data set that’s already been curated for this challenge, such as the response to the global Ebola epidemic, or transport congestion in some of the largest cities in the world.  You can also bring your own civic-based data set and use data to tell the story of your local community.

Your challenge?  Find something in the data we didn’t already know that can fundamentally change the way we perceive and address the problem today.  What are the building blocks of a sustainable community?  What is the economic impact of care giving?

There’s some serious money up for grabs – with the winner taking home a cool $20,000 Grand prize, and $10,000 for first runner up.  Even fan favorites can win money (as well as some serious social bragging rights). 😀

Read all the details and sign up here:

Rally the troops and step up to the challenge – together, we can use data and analytics to make this world a better place.