Are you cyborg-friendly?

Last week I had the privilege of seeing Tim Longhurst, a self-titled “Futurist”, present on the future of technology and innovation at IBM Pulse.

Through humor and candid reflections on the progress of technology, Tim went on to prove the vast majority of the audience technically qualified as “cyborgs” and posed a very interesting question for organizations today: “Are you cyborg-friendly?”

The term “cyborg” refers to a “being with both organic and cybernetic parts, often applied to an organism that has enhanced abilities due to technology“.

In today’s world, 91% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach, 100% of the time.  Essentially making the mobile device an extension of our physical form.  Given that over 80% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, that’s a lot of cyborg-customers to either win, keep or lose depending on your cyborg-strategy.

The cyborg generation has very different expectations on how to consume information and interact with companies than any generation before.  Cyborgs:

  • Rarely bank online or visit bank branches, opting to reach for the smartphone when they need to transfer money or pay bills;
  • Are influenced more by recommendations from friends and strangers through social media on their smartphone, than by marketing messages and advertising campaigns;
  • When advertising and marketing offers are engaging and persuasive, respond immediately by reaching for the smartphone to search for more information on the product, find the best price, and place an order.  They don’t even need to leave the couch!
  • Expect…no, demand…a personalized experience.

If your organization has not yet developed a cyborg-strategy, I suggest you reach for your smartphone and start connecting with someone who can help you get started.  IBM are the leaders in developing cyborg-strategies that leverage social collaboration, analytics and mobility to deliver a personalized experience to your current and future cyborgs.