Architects build with a Blueprint. So should you.

If you’ve even gone through the painful process of building a house, you would know that most architects don’t start a floorplan from scratch.  More often than not, they’ll show you a series of blueprints similar to what you have in mind and make modifications in line with your vision.

They do this to save time and money, but also because it gives a good starting point and gets the conversation flowing.  How often have you been asked “What do you want?” when you simply don’t know.  But, given an example of what you could have, find it easily to pick out the flaws and suggest modifications.

Why should the design process for Business Analytics applications be any different?

Whether you’re interested in Workforce Planning or Product Profitability, it’s hard to know where to begin.  You could start by listing all of the features and technical requirements needed in the application – a process which could take months to achieve a first release that often fails to deliver on what they really want (but didn’t know how to communicate).

Or, you could do what building architects do, start with a blueprint of what worked for someone else and make modifications to the design.

With 100 years of experience implementing business solutions, IBM continue to listen and learn from customers and capture the most common business requirements and proven practices in a set of blueprints.  Focused on a range of domains and industries, IBM Cognos Performance Blueprints provide the conversation starter, as well as a foundation for the implementation itself with pre-built models and reports that can get you up and running in a short amount of time.

Free to IBM customers, Performance Blueprints aren’t designed to meet 100% of your business needs out of the box.  Delivered using the IBM Business Analytics portfolio, they give you the kick-start application supported by the technologies you need to customise and define the rules and relationships specific to your business.

And with the launch of the Performance Blueprints have gotten personal – packaged up for the Desktop to get you started even sooner.

If you were an Architect, wouldn’t you want to start with a proven blueprint for success?