5 Steps to Smarter Food on your Fork

If, like me, you were raised to always finish the food on your plate because there were less fortunate children starving around the world, you would be horrified to know that in developed nations, 40% of all food produced is thrown away before it even makes it to your plate!

Add to that the knowledge that more than 70% of fresh-water usage is consumed trying to get food from farms on to your fork.  With a typical carrot in Iowa traveling 16,000 miles from farm-to-fork, do you really want to be eating that carbon footprint?

Fortunately, there are smarter ways to feed our families thanks to analytical insight.

  1. We can use predictive weather modeling and precision agriculture techniques to reduce weather-related crop damage by up to 25% and increase crop yields.  That same predictive insight can also be used to better route crops through distribution networks with minimal crop damage en route.
  2. We can use analytics to gain better insight into where and when it is going to rain, and schedule irrigation and fertilizer use for maximum benefit, thereby reducing the amount of fresh-water used for agricultural activities.
  3. We can use analytics to better match inventory to market demand, reducing food wastage and costs.
  4. We can use analytics to better understand and monitor external factors that influence food safety, taking steps to minimize or eliminate risk of food contamination.
  5. We can use analytics to generate operational efficiencies throughout the supply chain and back-office operations, providing a more cost-effective agricultural industry.

Is there any doubt analytics should be a staple ingredient in every diet?

More importantly, will you ever be able to look at a carrot the same again?