3 Top Blog Posts from 2016

I think it’s fair to say most of us are ready to put 2016 well and truly behind us!  It’s been a tough year – both professionally and personally.  I made the difficult decision to part ways with my employer after nine incredible years.  Politics around the globe has been exhausting to say the least.  The world lost some of the most iconic music stars that influenced my youth.  And heartbreakingly, my family lost one of our own.

One of the things that kept me (relatively) sane throughout has been the privilege of sharing my voice through social media.  Freedom of speech is a wonderful gift that I never take for granted, and the fact that many of you have supported me along this journey warms my heart.  Here are the top 3 blog posts from 2016 that proved to be most popular:

1.  Marketing in the era of Cognitive

People talk about digital disruption as if it’s the biggest challenge facing businesses today.  Examples are plentiful – you only have to ask the taxi or hotel industry how much their business has been turned inside-out by the digital innovations brought to the table by Uber and AirBnB.

But is it really the use of digital leading the disruption?

Last week I attended in the World Business Forum in Sydney, in which the co-founder of the MIT Media Labs discussed a number of key inventions from the 50s and 60s, including an Uber-type model.  They created a computer program that could geo-locate people, and send cars to pick them up based on an optimisation algorithm.  So what’s different now?  Why has it taken 50 years to be commercialised and become mainstream?  No doubt the pervasive use of smartphones and digital technology played a significant role, but I propose the greatest disruption facing your business is you!

You, me, and the community of customers, consumers, colleagues and citizens around us.  Why?  Because with the simple flick of a finger we can SWIPE LEFT!!!

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2.  kat bytes: One woman’s love affair with data and analytics.

As I celebrate the end of an incredible nine years at IBM, it seemed only fitting I cave to the many requests I’ve had to collate some of the most popular articles published on katsinsight.com into a book, aptly named “kat bytes: One woman’s love affair with data and analytics.

And whilst this love affair has not come to an end, the chapter dedicated to IBM most certainly has.

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3.  “You are all going out of business, slowly, but you don’t know it yet.” says CEO, Forrester Research

That is, unless you are one of the customer-obsessed organizations setting the benchmark for how to operate in The Age of the Customer, and the subject of Forrester Research’s recent study on how organizations succeed in the current age of digital disruption.

Over the past 20 years, Forrester Research have built a big data business, documenting the shift in power away from institutions, companies and government organizations…to you.  That’s right – according to George Colony, CEO, Forrester Research, YOU hold all the power.  Well…you, me, and billions of our closest friends and family that are customers, employees and citizens of world.

Speaking at Salesforce.com‘s Dreamforce 2016, George described the Age of the Customer as being driven first and foremost by technology that allows us to price precisely, find information easily, and buy anywhere we want to.

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That’s a wrap on 2016!  A big thank you to my readers and supporters that have liked and shared my posts this year, I look forward to sharing more thoughts in 2017!

Wishing you a happy and safe break over the New Year.